Race War in Britain? Have We Entered The “Counter-Jihad” End-Game?

Red Lion Hotel, Great Offley, Thursday, 11th June, 2015.

As the fourth and final invitee took their place at the table those present resembled any other group of English revellers unwinding after a hard days work. However, those assembled had something much more sinister in mind; inciting a civil-war between British Muslims and non-Muslims.

Seated at the table were Jim Dowson, a co-founder of Britain First and formerly a chief-fundraiser for The British Nationalist Party (BNP),  the millionaire Evangelical Christian Alan Ayling/Lake, Shariawatch’s Anne Marie Waters who was formerly of UKIP and Tommy Robinson, the former football-hooligan turned anti-Islam  hate-group (EDL) leader.  Unbeknownst to the other three Dowson had placed an “observer” who was secretly recording the encounter.

In hushed voices the plotting swiftly began. It appeared the remaining three were offering an invite to Dowson into their inner-sanctum. The first matter to resolve was how best to share the “profit” between them accrued from the war that they hoped to instigate.

“What we are creating is an ‘EDL with membership” Waters told Dowson. “Your experience in administration and fundraising for the far-right is something we would like to utilise”

Dowson was sceptical. “That is going to cost me at least £10,000 to set up” he exclaimed.

“You’d get your cut of the profits” Robinson argued.

Dowson was steadfast in his reluctance. “My people will expect payment upfront for their work”.

Dowson then agreed in principle to the association provided startup costs were met along with a continuous slice of the profits.

Then Alan Lake spoke up. “Once we get this off the ground we have American “heavy-hitters” waiting in the wings to back our project”.

“Yeah” seconded Robinson, “Our American friends are very keen to see our success”.

Dowson remained unconvinced. He queried how they hoped to attract members when the British counter-jihad movement was already flooded with similar anti-Islam groups.

Robinson and Lake excitedly started to reveal their plot until Waters ushered them to be silent. It appeared to Dowson that Waters was the “driving-force”.

“Well” she revealed after a brief pause scanning the room “What we are going to do is a hold a Muhammed cartoon contest!”.

“And hold them in Muslim communities” added Robinson. “And if it goes well hopefully we can spread it through Europe” Lake chimed in.

Dowson was aghast at what he was hearing but attempted to retain his composure. It became very obvious to him that the intent was to use the pretense of ‘freedom of speech’ to ferment a backlash from the Muslim community.

All three had spoken of the intent to abuse freedom of speech to engineer a violent response from the Muslim communities they were targeting and Dowson, though an extremist himself, was appalled.

He protested “If you do this you are going to start a civil war – Thousands of innocent people could die!”.

He turned his gaze to Waters “was it a fair thing to mock any religious figure, Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Or the Virgin Mary as I, as a Christian found the deliberate mocking of my religion as a very annoying thing.”

Waters responded tersely “I will do what I like, whenever I want. It’s a free country and it’s my right!”.

Stunned into silence it dawned on Dowson how potentially dangerous these people were. At this point Robinson and Lake broke the tense silence

“We need to start this war now!” asserted Robinson.

“Yes!” Lake emphatically agreed. “In 20 years it’ll be too late – Too many Muslims”.

Dowson became more animated in his desperation. ” Do you fully understood the implications of what you are saying?” he asked. They all signaled that they did. “I’ve lived through the horrors of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, it’s not something to aspire to” he pleaded with them.

His pleas fell on deaf ears as Lake and Robinson explained that this was the model they aimed to replicate.

“We’ll provide the ‘spark’. We’ll provoke a violent response from the jihadis, armed Muslim drug-dealers and gangsters which will in turn provoke a violent backlash from British Nationalists onto the Muslim communities. The ultimate goal being a sectarian civil-war” They enthused. “We expect ex-British Military to get drawn in. Tens-of-thousands of them!”.

At this point an ashen-faced Dowson was deeply concerned. He looked at his watch. 11:30 P.M, the meeting had lasted for four hours. He made his excuses and left.

He later convened with the “observer” and collected the recording. So deeply troubled by what he had witnessed he made a late-night call to his solicitor informing him of what had transpired. Early the next morning he lodged the recording with him.

Dowson then cut off all contact with the three anti-Islam radicals.

Or so Dowson’s story goes (to which I’ve used artistic license). It can be read here: http://bit.ly/1Ssd1Qu

Waters has confirmed the meeting took place but has denied Dowson’s version of events. Where the truth lies is impossible to ascertain but the allegations and possible recording requires police investigation.

Who Are the American “Heavy-Hitters”?

Of particular concern here is the possibility of the “American heavy-hitters” prepared to finance the destabilisation of the UK.  Robinson sits on the board of the radical anti-Islam hate-group Stop The Islamisation of Nations (SION) along with the notorious anti-Islam duo Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.  SION’s activism is heavily funded by  “heavy hitters” as documented by a Think Progress investigation into the “Islamophobia Industry”.

Indeed these US “heavy hitters” may have been instrumental in the establishment in Robinson’s/Ayling’s English Defence League.

In 2006 two spooky veterans of anti-Communist Cold War propaganda  sent out a memo to right-wing groups urging the establishment of anti-Islamic groups. They were Stephen Baldwin & Jack Wheeler.

Wheeler seems to be a former Washington liason with right-wing militias. He claims creation of the “Reagan Doctrine” and He organised an 1985 summit in Angola for right-wing terrorists, death squads, and drug traffickers, which included the Afghan Mujahadeen.

Stephen Baldwin was at the time of the memo Director of the Council for National Policy.  The NY Times described the CNP as  “ a little-known group of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country,” … “who meet three times yearly behind closed doors at undisclosed locations for a confidential conference.”

The CNP were funded by many of the same donors that fund the current Islamophobia industry including Anchorage and The William Rosenwald Charitable Fund.

At the same time as this was happening in 2006 in the US the foundations of  what was to become the EDL were being laid in the UK in the form of the “910 group”. Who on receipt of their memo had representatives meet with Wheeler and Baldwin.

Another part of the new synchronicity arrived in the form of an email sent out last Friday to conservatives by Jack Wheeler and Steve Baldwin. One of the members of the 910 Group received the email and brought it to the group’s attention. A flurry of messages and phone calls ensued, and on Monday morning several core members of the 910 Group met in Northern Virginia with the two conservative activists.

The 910 group evolved into the Center For Vigilant Freedom (later the International Civil Liberties Alliance)

Two of the leading figures of the CVF were to become key members of the EDL. Christopher Knowles, a CVF Director was fired from his job with Leeds County Council for his involvement with the EDL in the fallout from Breivik’s terrorism.

Another CVF member is Ann Marchini who the Sunday Times described as the “brains” behind the EDL in an expose they ran where they also describe how she arranged the key meeting in the EDL’s formation.

Both Robinson and Lake/Ayling were present at this “key meeting”.

The CVF’s website was registered to an American extremist called Christine Brim.

Brim was Chief Operating Officer of Frank Gaffney’s anti-Muslim Center For Security Policy (CSP).  The CSP being once again financed by this same cadre of “American heavy-hitters”.

Brim is currently secretary of the International Free Press Society (IFPS) – which is where the possible links to Waters emerge. Hilary Aked of Spinwatch details her connection with IFPS President Lars Hedegaard here.


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