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  1. You’re insulting a guy for actually researching before jumping on the racism/anti-theist bandwagon. Hicks defended Islam on Facebook, he actually defended Park 51. Why would such a racist actually defend what had become so mainstream to attack?
    He was an asshole, control freak neighbor with a fondness for guns, I’ve seen so many of his kind, I’ve actually lived next to one for 15 years.
    And the idea that New Atheists should have to apologize for the actions of one lone nut is ludicrous, especially when so many people in this country, Tea Partiers, Republicans, Evangelicals, Southerners, are so casually and openly racist. I’ve seen posts from the Tea Party, with hundreds of thousands of likes, celebrating the deaths of Muslims in Mecca from some natural disaster. You will never see that in a New Atheist’s feed.

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    • Things I’ve seen in New Atheists’ feeds:

      – Posts celebrating the deaths of Muslims from ANY cause.
      – Posts celebrating the deaths of Christians and Catholics from ANY cause.
      – Monstrous misogyny, including posts defending when Richard Dawkins verbally berated a woman who expressed fear when cornered by a man in an elevator at an atheist convention.
      – Monstrous homophobia.
      – Monstrous phobia, period.

      So, no, I won’t “never see that in a New Atheist’s feed.” I have. Alarmingly often.

      That said, yes, being a control freak neighbor and a gun nut isn’t exclusive to atheists, not by a long shot. You got that part right. However, yet another thing I’ve seen on New Atheists’ feeds:

      – Posts demanding that moderate Muslims/Christians/etc. apologize for their radicals.

      So, there’s that.

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      • Usually I would say that our perceptions affect what we see and what we notice quite strongly, but in your case I can’t imagine WHO you’re actually looking at when you’re seeing homophobia or celebration of death, because it certainly isn’t anyone who would self-identify as a New Atheist. New Atheists overwhelmingly describe themselves as Humanists.
        There are certainly problems in any group, Elevator-gate is one for NA, but celebration of death and Islamophobia is NOT.
        That’s the sort of hyperbole that speaks more about you than the group you’re trying to disparage.

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      • Don’t think we’re going to find a lot of common ground, you and I. “No true Scotsman” and whatnot.

        Not a fan of “humanists.” Most own up to the label as a way to avoid the supposed “evils” of feminism or because of misconceptions about feminism, though I’d much rather hang out with self-described humanists than New Atheists, for reasons I’ve already stated.

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      • No True Scotsman would only apply if those posts were actually from New Athiests, or if your interpretation of those posts were actually correct. I’ve seen posts from prominent NA’s about the Christian preachers who handle live snakes in their services getting bitten and die, but even those are more light-hearted. Other Christian or religious sects would be much less kind to those stories. And again, you will never see NA’s laughing and celebrating those deaths at Mecca.
        My perception has just as much bias as yours, but I come from another viewpoint, neither NA or anti-NA. I used to be NA, but I started to become pro-free market and more anti-war, and New Atheists are overwhelmingly Progressive. And as much as Progressives may claim to be anti war, they still support/vote for Obama/Hilary and almost every Progressive president( since Teddy Roosevelt) has been aggressively pro war.
        So I see the problems in that community as an outsider, I see the mysoginy, the pro-state ideology, etc, but I don’t see the Islamophobia, violent Anti-theism and (what you claim to be) homophobia.

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      • “No True Scotsman would only apply if those posts were actually from New Athiests” <– That is literally, LITERALLY No True Scotsman. Yes, those posts were from New Athiests. You don't get to decide that they weren't.

        I stated this more politely before. I'm going to be slightly less polite: we aren't going to find common ground. Good day.

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      • Youve shown absolutely zero evidence for the existence of these posts or New Atheist support of these posts. Extraordinary claims require… well any evidence in this case would be better than nothing.
        We all could do wonders for the world if we could get over our own biases and perceptions. Goodbye!

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  2. Since you feel New Atheists are all responsible for the actions of one so-called “New Atheist” (he never described himself as such), do you also feel Muslims are all responsible for the actions of any one Muslim? Or is this logic reserved just for those groups you despise?

    Asking rhetorically, of course; you’re beyond reason, and don’t have the integrity even to consider what the comparison says about you.

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  3. For understand what “New Atheist” is one need to understand that is not about anti-theism (oposition to the belief in a god/s) is actually anti-religiosity (oposition to the religious atitude, religious dogma, doctrines, practices and complite SET of belief) masquerading as secularism and humanism (on reddit r/atheism some atheists blame Craig Stephen Hicks as humanist being humanism the problem that need to be blamed, no joke), the actual problem with this movement is the rhetoric of divition and dissidia that promotes between people by bring the necesity to use the label atheist as a oposition to theist. There is not need to use a label unless you have a reason to use a label.

    Common errors in discussions in “atheist”/”anti-theists” (“New Atheist”) groups:

    – Make a popular thinking of the word theist (belief in a god) with religion (religious atitude, religious dogma, doctrines, practices and complite SET of belief) as if those tow words were the same, forggeting that religious atheist and non religious theist exist (like buddhists, jains, etc. and deists, pandeists, pagans, etc.).

    – Make a popular thinking of atheism as “lack of belief in god”, atheism: a-without, theism-belief in a god; that means “not believing in a god”, this blur the line between non-theism (lack the belief in a concept of god; don’t know the concept of a god) with atheism. If the lack of belief were true then why use the label atheist if you will not discuss belief why not secular that actually cover every that you stand for in almost all you discussions.

    – Make a popular thinking around the obvious ad hominen “that theist are uneducated, delusional (‘they will claim that the atheist shooter is mentaly ill’) and irrational” and “atheists are only rejecting belief in God (point to the capitalitation for the next error), that are the rational, the educated, the free thinker, the critical thinker and the most opend minded persons in the world”, efective oposition, separatism and tribalism, and all this because (since they are “atheists”) one disbelief in one topic only (god or a concept of god).

    – Make a popular thinking of rejection to belief in God (capitalizated) while holding a fix concept of god (judeo-christian concept of god), efectively forggeting that the word god can be not only a supreme being, but can be a supreme reality or a something of extreme value to one person (the psicological god complex will not be a thing) this make a abvious thinking error that is common when they dare to argue againts a non monotheistic-eutheistic-fideistic religions like the christian and islam. Examples: in eutheism mainly: a god need to be good as a main prerequsite to be god, other concept: a god has no need of be a omnigod, other concept: a god has no need of emotions, other concept: a god as natural entity (since they have a fix concept of god that is a supernatural entity, if you belif that a god is a natural thing you have noting to say or hear of the atheists): they dont argue theology of any kind they argue polictics only.

    – Make a popular thinking of confuse the words anti-theist and anti-religiosity as if they were the same. Probabily for avoid the label anti-*insert specific religion* usually anti-christian on discussions.

    – Make a popular thinking that make the word dogma (proposition that rests on firm and true, as undeniable principle of a science or the foundation or main points of any system, science, doctrine or religion) as the same as religious dogma (religion ideology).

    The great mayority of a group that brand themselves as atheists don’t do anithing that is not talk bad about theists(religious), Example: They do the same as a community that brand themselves as “black community” for the sake of be labeled as black community. There are reason for use some label, is not common now thanks to the “New Atheist” that manny christians are described themselves as theists and no as christians.


    This probabily is not the only reason to make Craig Stephen Hicks murder people but is enough to dehumanize his victims before he make the shots in their heads (executio style). But they are other factor: a) he knew his victims, b) the parking spot was not a problem that he have with his victims only and c) shotting in the heasd indicate premeditation in this case.

    The point: The of the “New atheists” are the same problem that every hate speech have, cause cause separatism, tribalism and dissidia among the population of the world.

    Probabiliy some will claim a problem in my comment by pointing out some problem in a religious thinking of other people that are not his personal belief, at the person that do this i say: “I am a deits-agnostic-eutheist-omnist-atheist-non religious, to cover every type of concept of a god that i belief, but i think that there are posibles concepts of a god/s that i disbelief, so good look in you personal quest of meannig and purpose.”


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