The Progressive Left?

“Regressive Left”, a term cooked-up in the same PR factory as “Muslim Reform™” is an empty slogan which has been borrowed from the right  and is used to  a) conceal irrational anti-Islam hatred b) The lack of a coherent argument to justify (a) and c) Dismiss the consequences outright of aggressive and inhumane Western Foreign Policy.

Islamophobic terrorist Anders Breivik referred to this imagined left-wing bloc of so-called  Muslim appeasers as “cultural-Marxists”. This term could easily be replaced with “regressive left” throughout his manifesto without losing any of it’s impact.

“Make no mistake. These Muslims must be considered as wild animals. Do not blame the wild animals but rather the multiculturalist category A and B traitors who allowed these animals to enter our lands, and continue to facilitate them. ”

– Anders Breivik

Breivik had his perceived “regressive left” Category A and B traitors marked-out for execution.  The more moderate accusers seek only to guilt into self-censorship those who challenge their warped and reactionary narrative – A narrative they share with Breivik; that of the imminent threat of the dangerous and morally compromised Muslim(s).

Breivik’s murderous worldview was fuelled by the ultra-Conservative American Right’s multi-million dollar financing of anti-Islam (pro-war) propaganda which Think Progress has referred to as “The Islamophobia Industry”.  In a series of installments I intend to show that this same “Islamophobia Industry” dovetails with both “Muslim Reform™” and the leading “regressive left” accusers, beginning with the darling of both the Islamophobic Right and the Left, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Hirshi Ali (L) all smiles with anti-Muslim hate group leader Pamela Geller.


Breivik idolised Hirsi Ali; putting her forward  as a worthy Nobel Peace Prize recipient. He saw in Hirsi Ali almost limitless propaganda potential declaring in his manifesto “…because of her background she has made criticism of Islam acceptable to people who would otherwise find it difficult to digest”.

Rolling back to 2006, Hirsi Ali’s work with Dutch anti-Muslim extremist (and beneficiary of  Islamophobia Industry generosity) Geert Wilders was promptly interrupted when she was exposed as having falsified her asylum application.  The scandal brought the Dutch government down and with her political career in ruins she was offered an escape-route to America with the Neocon/Zionist think-tank The American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

The role of AEI– who are heavily patronised by the same Conservative foundations bankrolling the “Islamophobia Industry” —  in selling the illegal Iraq War cannot be overstated.  From it’s Washington corridors emerged warmongering Neocon ideologues such as Perle, Feith, Wurmser, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bolton. They were to convince Bush to set the Middle-East in flames. Presumably AEI’s war-profiterring patrons such as Exxon didn’t mind.

Ostensibly against all odds the Somali-born, female  and so-called progressive Hirsi Ali excelled within the  primarily white and male-dominated AEI world of Conservative pro-Israel/pro-war advocacy.  In fact, her hateful rhetoric was to the right of the majority of her AEI peers. So far to the right a sample of her statements wouldn’t be out of place in Der Sturmer:  Islam is a destructive, nihilistic cult of death.she  exclaimed.  In 2007 she urged the “crushing” of Islam, her “enemy” “militarily” as well as calling for changing the US Constitution to permit the forced closing down of Muslim schools.

Her anti-Islam extremism was rewarded in the form of a single $425,000 cash donation from a private and anonymous donor to set up The AHA Foundation.  A 2009 tax return listing AHA’s Directors reveals deep AEI connections in the supposedly liberal and progressive not-for-profit organisation.

Suzie Kovner, Chairman : Wife of Bruce Kovner the multi-billionaire ex Chair of AEI and major donor to the Republican Party and individuals.

Gretchen S. Bolton, Treasurer: Wife of John Bolton the Zionist Neocon and Iraq War advocate. Bolton Chairs the Islamophobic Gatestone Institute and is an AEI Fellow.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, President: AEI Scholar

Gwendolyn Van Paaschen, Director: Wife of former AEI Resident Scholar, John Makin (deceased)

Buntzie Churchill, Director: Long-term partner of legendary Neocon figure and coiner of the “Clash of Civilizations” term Bernard Lewis.  Lewis  was yet another Zionist  and Iraq war advocate. He was honoured in 2006 by AEI where he warned of a Muslim immigration invasion and rationalised the Crusades in his acceptance speech.

Christina Hoff-Summers, Director: AEI Scholar. Widely considered by feminists as an anti-feminist. Once claimedfeminist activists have convinced many young women that a foolish, drunken hookup was actually rape”

Chris DeMuth, Director: AEI’s long-serving and George W. Bush era President

AHA’s staff make it appear to the antithesis of “progressive” nevermind “left”.  Meanwhile, Breivik has yet to have his dream realised of “Hirsi Ali the Nobel Peace Prize winner”.

In her  humility she has suggested  Benjamin Netanyahu for the prize for his talent at butchering Gazan civilians – In fact, she seems to have a soft-spot for War Criminals.  Praising fascist coup-leader Sisi as a “reformer” and Kissinger as someone she “admired”.  Kissinger was even an invited guest at her wedding.

Progressive indeed.

The “secularist”, “progressive” “liberal”etc  Ayaan will have to console herself in meantime through collaborations with the Jewish Fundamentalist/anti-Islam Clarion Fund along with gigs from Christian fundamentalist and SPLC registered hate-groups like Act! For America and accepting large cash rewards ($250.000) from  Islamophobia king-makers, misogynistic and anti-LGBT equality funders the ultra-Conservative Bradley Foundation.



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