How a Jewish Schoolgirl Exposed The Hypocritical Agenda of The Anti-“Regressive Left”

Bethany (Benny)  Koval, a Jewish-Israeli teenager attending Fair Lawn High School in New Jersey is a courageous and outspoken defender of Palestinian human-rights.  In the so-called land of “freedom of speech” her forthright opinions  denouncing “apartheid” in Israel and the “terrorist” nature of Israel’s 2014 brutal assault on Gaza which killed primarily civilians, including hundreds of children were shifted from unwelcome to potentially criminal.


Despite Zionist media’s attempts to demonize her her heroic defiance against her school’s attempts to brow-beat her into silence she inspired a groundswell  of support and solidarity from around the world. Anonymous stood behind her and a supporter set up a Gofundme (Donate: Here) to assist her in defending her rights.  However, one group of otherwise “freedom of speech” jihadis have been noticeable in their collective absence – That of the New Atheists and their Muslim ally Maajid Nawaz.

Their silence makes it apparent that to them outrage over assaults on freedom of speech shall be reserved for the powerful punching-down on the weak. Not for the weak punching up at the powerful; where they conveniently and collectively perch.

Rather than rush to defend a victimised Jewish anti-Zionist High-School student they reserve their outrage for powerful anti-Islam extremists such as the Neocon Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the new atheist far-right zealot Anne-Marie Waters.  An irony not lost on the remarkably astute Bethany who told me that it’s “Wild that dehumanization is more acceptable than criticizing a government.”

For those paying attention this double-standard should come as no surprise. On the same day Bethany Koval was being  threatened with criminal charges New Atheism’s unofficial spokesman Richard Dawkins was shamelessly praising and promoting the SPLC listed anti-Islam hate group leader Brigitte Gabriel. Gabriel is a literal hasbarist, being in the employ of Jewish fundamentalist Aish’s Hasbara Fellowship. Dawkins described her as “wonderfully eloquent”.  Likewise, his co-anti-theist Gad Saad has praised hysterical anti-Muslim extremist Pamela Geller as a “defender of liberty

New Atheist Emir  and anti-Islam crusader Sam Harris donates to Israeli intelligence-linked Likud propaganda disseminator MEMRI.  Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein was so outraged they’d doctored his interview to misrepresent him he proved it.

Harris’ Muslim Siamese twin, Nawaz –  who has come out against BDS – has his UK organisation heavily funded by a GOP patron family in America that has urged the punishment of BDS activists  as “without punishment, we’re just stating a lot of stuff on paper.

New Atheist court-jester and habitual “regressive left” accuser Dave Rubin  has openly rationalised Israeli War Crimes, fervently defending Israeli bombing of a UN protected school. He even considers anti-Zionism to be anti-semitism.

It is the convergence of these new atheist talking-points, the urge to “punish” for non-existent crimes that has seen Bethany Koval threatened and bullied for her speech.  Bethany Koval, physically far removed from the Israel-Palestine conflict has become another victim of it and the advancement of the New Atheist-Zionist-Hate Group narrative of the Palestinian-Muslim “savage” and the Israeli victim.

Bethany’s school should be celebrating the fact they’ve helped develop a hugely impressive and courageous individual not punishing her for not alligning with the collective.

Bethany Koval’s Statement To School Authorities.

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