Sam Harris: The Lack of Transparency In My Journalism Is For Your Benefit

I’m reluctant to respond to the verbose ramblings of a Sam Harris acolyte, doubly so one who has shoehorned into his rant both homophobic and misogynistic slurs and previously written “In Defense of Tommy Robinson”.

I’m actively trying to extract of anything of substance; in all sincerity – Anything beyond the  irrelevant, the whataboutery, the ad-hominen attacks, the misrepresentations and the obfuscation.  I’ll reread for the third time…

This in it’s entirety is the closest I can get to a relevant and coherent argument.


On the face of it it’s utter nonsense. Certainly nothing there is worth “bearing in mind”.

Maybe a timeline is in order?

  • May 25 2011: Sam Harris launches a diatribe against Muslims entitled “Bombing Our Illusions” in which he openly calls for the “ethnic profiling” of Muslims. It is published in The Huffington Post.  He calls for no compromise on not only Muslims being ethnically profiled by the State but insists Muslims must also profile their fellow Muslims within their communities.
  • 2011-2015: Harris repeatedly speaks out of both sides of his mouth on the issue of racial/ethnic profiling, often contradicting himself. (“Ethnic” profiling is “racial” profiling ). He is attacked periodically by those that value equal rights for all and civil liberties.
  • March 12, 2015: Arthur Chu of Salon denigrates Harris for his advancement of “Islamophobic racism”. He attacks Harris for his “racial profiling” advocacy.
  • Between March 8th and March 20, 2015: The Web Archive shows that  Sam Harris secretly edited his website to remove his call to “ethnically profile” Muslims. No notification is given to his audience of this amendment. Almost four years after Bombing Our Illusions was first published.
  • March 16, 2016: Harris’ secret editing is spotted by a Twitter  user and his breach of journalistic ethics travels around Twitter.
  • April 2016: Harris excuses himself for his lack of transparency. He publishes “his editorial policy” which run contrary to universally accepted journalistic codes of ethics. For example, The Society of Professional Journalists Code of Conduct states:

Ethical journalism means taking responsibility for one’s work and explaining one’s decisions to the public…Journalists should:…– Acknowledge mistakes and correct them promptly and prominently. Explain corrections and clarifications carefully and clearly

As you will now (hopefully) observe you’ve wasted both of our time defending clear breaches of journalistic ethics. Hopefully, next time you’ll spend more time in contemplation if you can fight the Pavlovian response to defend the infallible cult-leader.


16 thoughts on “Sam Harris: The Lack of Transparency In My Journalism Is For Your Benefit

  1. Yeah you really care about ethics in journalism. You said yourself “I don’t care about plagiarism”. Are you so dumb you can’t spot your own hypocrisy…


    • No matter how dumb or hypocritical I am this doesn’t change anything. What matters are the facts. And the facts are that Sam Harris:

      (1) Called for “ethnic profiling” of Muslims in a 2011 article
      (2) Secretly scrubbed this from the article in 2015
      (3) Was caught in 2016
      (4) Acknowledged this lack of transparency after being caught on this.
      (5) Declared himself justified in doing do despite it being contrary to all journalistic best practices and codes of ethics.


    • @Johnny Spooner
      The man made a completely coherent point, with reliable sources to back it up. Whether he’s a hypocrite or not is completely irrelevant, something that seems lost on you.

      You’re really falling on the pathetic side of things here, in trying to divert the topic in order to avoid addressing the clear demonstration that Sam Harris is a piece of shit.

      Now go back to where you can find the comfort you so obviously desperately need.

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      • The original blog post by Damo was about your hypocrisy. I can understand why you’d want to avoid addressing that.

        It’s quite laughable that you of all people (a Werleman fan) would bring up journalistic ethics (CJ is a journalist isn’t he?).

        Do you concede that CJ Werleman is unethical and you are unwilling to criticise him on his unethical behaviour and this is hypocrisy?


  2. His blog post related to, or was supposed to relate to, a discussion we were having on Sam Harris’ stealthy edit.
    He linked to Harris’ “I am the master of this site. Codes of Ethics do not apply to me”explanation” which in reality was no new information. It was already proven beyond doubt that Harris had indeed edited out “ethnic profiling” from his article. I knew this already.

    Other than that his only argument was that universal standards of journalistic do not apply on Sam Harris’ site, even though he is a professional journalist and was surreptitiously ameding his articles without informing his audience…(who he asks for donations from, despite having a millionaire Hollywood Producer mother who paid for him to travel around the world for the best part of 2 decades after he dropped out of College).


    • Lol not a hint of cynical motive, Mr Johnny “I don’t care about plagiarism, but I care about journalistic ethics suddenly” Spooner”.

      You rather pathetically object to an edit of one single superfluous word on a blog – Meanwhile CJ lied in an article by presenting a violent attack by a Muslim as a violent attack against a Muslim, when he was corrected he ignored. The article stayed there for 1 month, did he ever make a correction and tell his audience (you)? No, the text was just deleted. Still no correction. Oh dear.

      CJ presented a video of Guatemalan soldiers brutally attacking civilians as Israeli soldiers brutally attacking civilians. Is he a journalist or propagandist? Do you care? Your dishonest weasel ways indicate you’re OK with it. Oh dear.

      Remember when CJ was exposed as a serial plagiarist? Oh right, you don’t care about plagiarism do you… Seems your concern for journalistic ethics only exists with regard to people you disagree with politically. Very low dishonest hypocrisy Johnny…

      You may not care about plagiarism, but cast your mind back to when CJ was humiliated and exposed as a plagiarist, CJ went on to accuse his ‘arch nemesis’ Harris of being a plagiarist. Then Harris proceeded to effortlessly humiliate him further by showing how wrong he was. Oh dear.

      In short you pretending to care about journalistic ethics is like Jimmy Saville complaining about poor child care.

      I’m un-subscribing from following your sad mess of a blog so don’t waste your time replying, this shows what a repugnant pitiful person you really are.

      I sincerely hope you reflect on that above screenshot and improve yourself. Try and do better than CJ Werleman rather than digging deeper towards an unethical slime pit.


      • Not another one…”but, but, but…you too!”

        The “ethnic” in “ethnic profiling” isn’t superflous. Ethnic is a key word whenever it is used.

        Ethnic cleansing minus ethnic = Cleansing.


        Likewise, “ethnic profiling” minus “ethnic” is simply profiling.

        Geddit’ now?


  3. Harris is wrong on the topic of profiling for other reasons. He probably changed it because dishonest or stupid types would either misrepresent “ethnic” as “race” or not possess the language skills to know the difference.

    As an aside fyi “Ethnic” =\= race . look at a dictionary.

    Authors don’t print footnotes for corrections in new editions of their books, he’s using the same standard on his blog.

    As for your hypocrisy and ethics as seen in Twitter screenshots… Wow really bad…


  4. And there you go avoiding the argument again. Very weak.

    Thanks for playing ‘Johnny’.

    P.s stop gambling with your wife. She isn’t chattel…


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