With Counter-Extremists Like Quilliam Who Needs Extremists?: An Open Letter To Theresa May



Quilliam’s Adam Deen and Haras Rafiq together with the Bahraini and Saudi Ambassadors at the Bahraini Embassy.


Dear Prime Minister,

Driven more by exasperation than expectation I write to urge you to avoid repeating the same mistakes as your predecessor Mr Cameron who had lent his ear to the Quilliam Foundation and in particular Maajid Nawaz.  Since Blair, Nawaz has advised successive Government after Government  and it is during the period that both Islamic extremism and anti-Muslim feelings have increased to the point of fever-pitch.

According to infamous anti-Islam extremist “Tommy Robinson” the founder of the English Defence League (EDL) Maajid Nawaz is “more despised” by the Muslim Community than even he is – and this is after they paid his household bills while he was in prison as part of a murky Quilliam-Robinson pact which granted a PR boost to both parties –  The only meaningul result being  a now more famous and media-trained Robinson rebranding his anti-Islam activism with Pegida UK.

While Quilliam claim to be “counter-extremists” I’m genuinely not aware of any extremism they’ve actually countered.  When Nawaz isn’t on International book promotional tours with anti-Islam activist Sam Harris or headlining Canadian atheist conferences he seems to devote the majority of his time to attacking the anti-war and/or anti-Islamophobia Left, whom he views as the “useful idiots” of the Islamists.  He’s created his own meaningless neologism for this group, the “regressive left”, which has been popularised by his anti-Islam supporters who are almost invariably not Muslim.

The murdered MP Jo Cox would have fallen under this “regressive left” category. To far-right extremists like Thomas Mair the “regressive left” are “traitors”. The terrorist Anders Breivik refers to them as “Cultural Marxists”;  seeing this imagined internal non-Muslim enemy as a greater threat to Western civilization than Muslims themselves.

“Make no mistake. These Muslims must be considered as wild animals. Do not blame the wild animals but rather the multiculturalist category A and B traitors who allowed these animals to enter our lands, and continue to facilitate them. ”

– Anders Breivik

Nawaz constantly attacking the Left from the Left and deflecting criticism away from the Right and their denial of legitimate grievances towards Muslims  must be most pleasing to his powerful US patrons such as the pro-war Conservative Christians The Templeton Foundation,  the anti-LGBT and Islamophobia financiers The Bradley Foundation, the anti-BDS (conveniently like Nawaz) and central Republican donors the wealthy Makarechian family and last but not least the aforementioned Sam Harris  as well as Quilliam’s pro-Israel associates in the Gatestone Institute and The Clarion Fund.

Quilliam’s own Managing Director Haras Rafiq reluctantly vowed before The Home Affairs Committee to disassociate from The Gatestone Institute. Within days of this Quilliam and Gatestone representatives were again sharing a stage together.


Even giving Maajid Nawaz and Quilliam the benefit of the doubt as well-meaning  in all aspects then it’s their ineptitude that’s given such influence that is terrifying.. I’d like to draw your attention to the Libyan disaster which began in 2011 to demonstrate this.

Nawaz credits himself and his Quilliam colleague (ex LIFG) Noman Benotman with being both the war cheerleaders-in-chief and actively involved in the UK’s mission to regime-change Libya. Quilliam issued a press release demanding regime-change in Libya, going as far to clamour for (illegal) “surgical strikes” on the “Gadaffi family”.


Six weeks later three of Gadaffi’s grandchildren, all under twelve-years-old, were murdered instantly  when a Nato F-16 launched three missiles onto their home in a so-called surgical strike.

Radical, page 368, Maajid Nawaz

“Crush Benghazi”

Earlier on page 368  of Radical we see Nawaz describe the war effort as the “people’s war”. A supposedly  humanitarian intervention to save Libyans from Gadaffi in his genocidal attempts to “crush Benghazi”.  As I am sure you are aware the truth behind the all the spin and war propaganda was quite different.

  • Humanitarian threat grossly exaggerated. Gadaffi didn’t threaten civilian population – Boston Globe
  • Viagra Rape claims are mass hysteria says UN Human Rights Investigator – The Herald Sun
  • Human Rights Watch: Gadaffi’s actions didn’t indicate genocide or mass atrocities was iminent – New Republic
  • US Intelligence Asset in Libya: Gadaffi had given specific orders not to target civilians – The Washington Times

The “Peoples War”

rendition schedule
Belhaj’s Rendition Schedule

So what of this so-called peoples war? The reality on the ground was that the Commander of The Tripoli Military Council Abdelhakim Belhadj was also the Emir of The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). Belhadj fought on the side of Bin Laden and  the other Mujahideen in the Afghan-Soviet jihad and later alongside the Taleban against British Forces in Afghanistan. The UK knows of his lifelong devotion to International jihad- They were directly involved in the CIA’s rendition of Belhaj to Gadaffi. 

Libyan rebel commander (Belhadj) admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Belhaj was also named as a suspect in the Madrid Train Bombings by Spain’s then Prime Minister, Jose Maria Aznar.

The LIFG swore loyalty to Al Qaeda in 2007 and it’s members have occupied leading positions within Al Qaeda itself. The LIFG has been designated a terrorist organisation by the UN, The UK and The USA.

“The esteemed leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group have announced their allegiance to the Al-Qaeda network”

– Al-Qaeda (then) number two Ayman al-Zawahiri

This is from the United Nations:


So no “people’s war”. No imminent threat to “crush Benghazi”. What is Quilliam and Nawaz’s response?

quilliam response

Unsurprising given the events that have transpired Quilliam have scrubbed that link from their site. However, I’ve tracked it down. “Counter-Extremist” Quilliam’s apologetics for an Al Qaeda affiliate and a UK-listed terrorist organisation are outrageous. How can a UK Government advisor endorse a report that plays down the dangers and significance of a UK designated terrorist organisation!? To encourage the British people to support (another) war based on lies in alliance with a designated terrorist organisation…Because they’ve rebranded and now supposedly love democracy?

This is from the Quilliam paper, the so-called “rebuttal” informing us that Bin Laden’s Libyan friends are essentially liberating nationalists and “freedom fighters”. Incredible.

qf lifg

“We Came. We Saw. He Died” – The Consequences of The “Peoples War”

I appreciate Prime Minister that British Imperialist wars are nothing new but I urge you to consider the catastrophic consquences this war has had  on Libya and it’s people . There is almost half a million Internally Displaced People in Libya. We have seen the black Tawergha ethnically cleansed by the heroic “people”. Black Libyans have been held in cages and force-fed Libyan flags under threat of death.

If not, consider the fissures it has created in the region. The Algerian oil facility hostage massacre carried out by Al Qaeda was a direct consequence of the “peoples war”. So too the AQ-Tuareg-Malian conflict. Libyan arms seized by the “people” have fuelled conflicts and taken unknown numbers of lives in Syria, Somalia (Al Shabab), The Sinai and elsewhere.

If you are genuinely incapable of altruism then consider blowback. The peoples (jihadists) war has been a vital stepping-stone to the rise of ISIS and Libya is now an ISIS stronghold.Oil Wells and Airports have been taken and the once regionally prosperous and secular state is now being referred to as a “Jihadists Paradise“. A senior US Intelligence official even claims that  Belhadj has emerged as an ISIS in Libya leader.

What should alarm you Prime Minister is that ISIS have stated their intention to use its Libyan stronghold – A legacy of David Cameron’s so-called “success” – as a Gateway to Europe and export the “unbearable atrocities and executions” we’ve delivered upon the Libyan people.

Above all else , please find some “counter-extremist” advisors who won’t take us further down this path of destruction. At the very least one capable of remorse…



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