The Regressive Left Hook

Trump Inaguration Day: With the most  controversial right hook since Ali’s 1965 “phantom punch” KO of Sonny Liston a masked protester connected his fist side-on with Alt-Right founder Richard B. Spencer’s jaw. The openly-racist ethnic cleansing advocate Spencer was recording a TV interview at the time and can be seen wobbling back visibly dazed and embarrassed as he merged into the larger gathered circus of anti-Trump protesters and revellers in MAGA baseball caps.


Predictably, the white new atheist bottom-feeders (with associated Patreon accounts) passionately leaped to the defense of the staggering Nazi with Dave Rubin and Stephen Knight leading the charge; ostensibly on freedom of speech and anti-violence grounds.

Knight aka “The Godless Spellchecker” aka “30-year-old office worker from Manchester” has developed a particular penchant for defending populists, nativists, misogynists and Islamophobes. His Pavlovion urges to defend the “freedoms” of extremists such as Hirsi Ali, Le Pen, Tommy Robinson and Milo seems to overcome him.  He claims to be a liberal but habitually punches left at his phantom nemesis the “regressive left” and his critcisms of the the (non-Muslim) Right don’t ever move beyond lip-service.

Dave Rubin is apparently a failed comedian who first appeared on my radar as a Sam Harris for idiots on The Rubin Report. His audience – The dregs of the new atheist cult – dovetailed seamlessly with the emerging “Alt Right” and  for relevance the self-described liberal Rubin rebranded but not openly. The Rubin Report’s guest-list reads like  The Deploraball’s VIP list.

“Those who ‘abjure’ violence can do so only because others are committing violence on their behalf.” – George Orwell

Rubin certainly has no problem with violence – He is a passionate defender of the IDF bombing a UN protected school in Gaza.

“Liberal” Dave again almost exclusively punches left. He declared the “regressive left” to be more dangerous than the “Alt Right” i.e. Richard Spencer’s Sieg Heiling followers. He was shamefully silent last December as (his fellow) Jewish families were forced out their Montana town in fear of reprisals from Spencer’s Alt-Right mob.

He also platformed convicted violent criminal and hate-group leader Tommy Robinson who threatened “every British Muslim” with violence. He never challenged Robinson on his violence; neither did Knight who also interviewed him on his podcast.

Scratch the surface of Knight and you’ll see the comfort he has with violence (primarily against Muslims). He worships warmongering Neocons such as Douglas “make conditions harder for Muslims” Murray, Ayaan “crush Islam militarily” Hirsi Ali and Christopher Hitchens – An actual Neocon war propagandist.

To him,  a regretful Iraq War protestor, his misjudgement was based on  “naive commitment to pacifism” he continues “I’ve since grown up to discover that the world is a scary place and that pacifism just won’t do if you wish to prevent scary people from getting their way.”…But don’t punch Nazis…???

Knight’s exposes his own hypocrisy and pretense of commitment to freedom of speech in his treatment of Muslims whose views he insists we silence:

Organised atheism’s (anti-theism) relationship with white supremacy traces back a full four decades prior to Ali’s rematch with Liston. Founded in 1925 by white supremacist Charles Lee Smith, the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism (AAAA) in association with its publication The Truth Seeker published atheist/racist propaganda until long after the Ali-Liston rematch. Smith was succeeded as head of AAAA and Editor of The Truth Seeker by racist/atheist ideologue James Hervey Johnson.



The white supremacist-atheist convergence crystalised in the 1970s with the formation of The Creativity Movement Cult. Founder (and “Pontifex”) Ben Klassen was influenced by Hervey Johnson and The Truth Seeker and his neo-Nazi cult rejected all supernatural beliefs while worshipping the white race. Klassen coined the term “RaHoWa” meaning “Racial Holy War” and following his suicide was succeeded as Pontifex by nomad neo-Nazi Matt Hale in 1996.  Hale is currently serving a forty-year sentence for soliciting the murder of a judge.

A decade of Islamophobia denial has softened new atheists on the oppressors of minorities – Their worn-out slogan of “Islam isn’t a race” can’t excuse Nazis of their racism.    New Atheist critic CJ Werleman asked “Is New Atheism a White Supremacy Movement?” and considering Stephen Knight clearly has little interest in “anti violence” nor “freedom of speech” then why is he defending white supremacists?




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  1. More straw than ‘The Wicker Man’, and not a substantive point in sight…you’re wasting your broadband here, young man.


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