Fraudelent Refugee Ayaan Hirsi Ali Calls For The Persecution of Real Refugees (If Muslim)

A Muslim Refugee

It’s 1992, the Somalian central Government has failed. Famine is looming, civilians are being massacred and disease is rampant as a bloody civil-war rips the State apart in  what Human Rights Watch designates “The worst humanitarian disaster in the world today”.

The Netherlands responds by opening its borders to the fleeing refugees. Ayaan Hirsi Ali responds by exploiting the humanitarian crisis for personal gain.

She fraudently applies for asylum in Holland under a fake name, date of birth and country of origin.

The reality is far from the absurd revisionist claims made in her article:


As the descendant of The Darod’s (Somalia’s second largest clan)  ruling-class and daughter of a Western educated writer Hirsi Ali was living a middle-class life in Kenya; not Somalia when she made her fraudelent application. She claims to have fled an arranged marriage.

aha102Her unsubstantiated claims were roundly rejected by her own family in Kenya; including her own brother.  Having lived a lie in Holland for over a decade her lies were finally exposed in 2006 Wit her own party had pledged to investigate her fraud Ali fled Holland and was immediately given employment with the pro-Israel and pro-War think-tank The American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

This is how once again she distorts her history. Fraud is not protected “free speech”.

aha203Using her embroidered background she then unironically argues that non-violent religious Muslims should be discriminated against for their beliefs as they are “a threat to us all” – When she shared these same beliefs at the time of her fraudelent asylum application.aha205Hirsi Ali’s currency derives from her background. Without it she’s just a Dick Cheney/Bill Kristol hybrid. The mass-murdering terrorist Anders Breivik understood the propaganda value of Hirsi Ali’s questionable background well. In a chapter of his Manifesto titled “Give The Nobel Peace Prize To Ayaan Hirsi Ali” he wrote:

“Because of her background she has made criticism of Islam acceptable to people who would otherwise find it difficult to digest the arguments she presents…She is an invaluable asset to the fight against global Jihad and as worthy of the Prize as any other living person”

The Neocons at AEI agreed and from her new perch she pushed their pro-war/anti-Muslim propaganda. As the War On Terror raged she called to “crush Islam militarily” and disgracefully championed the changing of the US Constitution to persecute Muslims exclusively.

The role of AEI– who are heavily patronised by the same Conservative foundations bankrolling the “Islamophobia Industry” (and war profiteers) —  in selling the illegal Iraq War cannot be overstated.  From it’s Washington corridors emerged warmongering Neocon ideologues such as Perle, Feith, Wurmser, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bolton. They were to convince Bush to set the Middle-East in flames and the refugee crisis is a natural consequence of this.

As time progressed she was rewarded with a mystery $425,000 grant to establish The AHA Foundation – Which she promptly staffed with fellow Neocon warmongers.including AEI’s Bush era President Chris DeMuth. So successful was her media campaign against Muslims that she received a $250,000 award from the Bradley Foundation; the ultra-conservative central donors of the Anti-Muslim Lobby.

She’s abandoned religion; not extremism – She just changed hats and was rightly listed by the SPLC as an “anti-Muslim extremist”. Her article defending Trump’s Muslim Ban can be found here.


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